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This Z1000J1 has been reconditioned and is sold! To the pictures it goes here...

Z1000J1 002

Z1000J1 kleinCurrently I am refurbishing a Z1000J1. The bike has been completely stripped down, frame and small parts were re-varnished, immersion tubes and the arm-comp-swing were powder-coated.

Wheel bearing, link bracket as well as steering-head bearing have been re-conditioned or replaced. New Bridgestone tyres have already been fitted. The electrical system will be completely re-conditioned, indicators were replaced and a new headlight fitted. Naturally oil- and air-filter as well as spark-plugs will also be replaced.

Unfortunately a GPz100 engine was fitted, I will have to look out for an original Z1000J engine. In order to check the components, I have taken the current engine apart. The cylinder as well as the cylinder-head are in an excellent condition. I decided, to take the GPz engine completely apart, to re-varnish and re-assemble it. Only the best varnish (VHT) will be used. Unfortunately spray cans are not available anymore to the end-consumer. However, if you know someone, who has his own business, it might still be possible to get hold oft he said spray-cans.

Grundierung Zylinder     Lack Zylinder     Kopf vor Lackierung

 Kopf Fertig     Zylinder Fertig

In arduous detail work, the cylinder-head and cylinder were cleaned by hand and newly varnished. The engine was also re-varnished and sealed. With the help of a good friend, the engine was fitted into the frame. Now it actually looks like a bike again. The breaks are functioning again, now it’s time to overhaul the cable-harness.

The reconditioning work was completed, remnants were disposed of.


Kabelbaum   Klein     Kabelbaum Reste   klein


In the meantime a lot has happened …. I found a suitable lamp bracket.

After I bought the bracket on eBay, I had it powder-coated. On collection I realised, this bracket was not suitable for a „J“. I had to learn, that the J1 was delivered with two different brackets, which means, the lamp-brackets are in a different shape. So I ordered an original part for „J“, unfortunately the wrong one. I had to order another one. Thankfully the Bikemaster (Marian Tritt) had some spare.

Meanwhile the bike is back to being a bike. Where possible, VA-screws were fitted, a self-made lock for the seating-bench and fitted a new battery. Now the exhaust-system needs re-varnishing … in black. Surely, a cool look.

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