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Man. 1982 - Remanufactured in 2008


Make:                         Kawasaki

Type :                         KZT00J

Year of manufactur:   1982

Registration Date:      1983

Kilometre reading:      approx 170 TKM





I bought the Z1000J in 1995 in a not-roadworthy condition.

At the time, the engine’s kilometre reading showed approx 60,000 Km.

After pick-up, I removed the engine and took it apart completely. This was a strenuous effort, as in the past, pliers were used on the oil-drain-screw as well as the oil-filter-screw, which made them near enough unserviceable. The reason for the non-roadworthy condition was a damaged camshaft due to insufficient lubrication.

The filter for the oil-pump showed a free passage of approx 1 cm²... At this time I cleaned the complete engine and exchanged essential parts, i.e. exchange of the coarse filter for the lubrication-pump, camschaft-bearings, new control chain incl guides as well as new piston rings.

In 2008 the frame was powder-coated. The varnished parts were re-varnished, but the golden stripes were left in their original condition. The original Marzocchi shock absorbers were replaced byIMGP3226 klein the original Z1000J shock absorbers. The 4in1, which were in use for several years had to be replaced by a 2nd hand original 4in2 part.

The engine lasted until 2015, with approx 160000 km on the clock. With an engine damage I just made it home on the last 50 km on my way back from Austria. The third piston showed a hole, and the remainder of this piston also damaged the 1st cylinder.

The damaged cylinder was replaced with a 1100 ccm cylinder (Z1100ST), which was adapted to a 2. oversize. At the time, the piston was bought at Scheuerlein (with an UT replica incl a 17 mm drilled hole), pistons in 1. oversize were not available at the time.

Original camshafts are still being used. I have bought a new camshaft exhaust which I have managed to fit as well as the new camshaft bearing shells.

On completion I checked the bike on the test-bench; a lush 103 PS were measured on the rear wheel see graphics. A decent performance with a superb turning-moment. There was hardly any need to change gear, however there was a problem with the fuel; the bike can only be driven with the best fuel. Should you use normal fuel, the engine will „pingeln“. This is definitely due to the higher compression of the piston.

Meanwhile Scheuerlein recommends to fit two foot-seals.

In 2016 oil was leaking and the head-gasket failed, I fitted APE studs and nuts (bought at Frank Bach Classic Service).

This reliable engine always brought me home safely. An indestructable beast!!