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KZ1000S1 replica


Technical Data


Enclosed tabular the dates of the replika KZ1000S1...

Frame Z1000 J 1982
Front fork Z1000 J with Wirth fork-springs (SAE10-oil)
Handlebars LSL Superbike, steel, 750mm
Schwing arm
Kawasaki ZRX 400 modified
Shock absorbers
Z1000R modified with Billstein springs (MOBEC)
Wheels Front:   PVM Typ11 aluminum 2,50 x 18"
Rear:    PVM Typ12 aluminum 3,50 x 18"
Tires Front:   Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact M Fr.
           110/80 ZR 18 M/C (58W) TL
Rear:    Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact M
           140/70 ZR 18 M/C (67W) TL
Footrests KZ1000S1-replika (Frank Bach)


Master cylinder: GPZ1100 B1 with Spiegler hose brakes
Brake discs: MetalGear 280mm
Brake caliper: Z1000 J

Master Cylinder: Z1000 J with Spiegler hose brake
Brake disc: MetalGear 280mm
Brake caliper: GpZ1100 UT

Engine Pistons: 1100 ccm +0,5mm replika UT with 17mm hole (Scheuerlein)
Cylinder head with dual ignition (Frank Bach)
GPz1100-camschafts (Knudsen Motorradtechnik)
APE man. camshaft chain tensioner (Frank Bach)
Ignition: DYNA-S, 4 x 1,5 Ohm DYNA-coils, spark plugs Champion 4 x BR9ES and 4 x JR9B (Frank Bach)

Carburettor: KEIHIN CR33, CNC-racing-throttle (Frank Bach)

Oil-cooler: MOCAL 305mm, 13 lines and motor-adapter (BIKE SIDE)
Chain drive
17/46 530 O-Ring
Pinion offset 14mm
Exhaust KERKER 4-1 (Speed Products)
Paintwork Tank, side cover, seat cover and fender from a Z1000J
Fairing: Z1000R mit clear windshield
Seat: KZ1000S1-replika (BIKE SIDE)
Sponsor-sticker: replica (ebay classicmotorcycledecals2)
Tachometer Original Z1000 J
Speedometer Original Z1000 J
Paintwork Pit
Weight ca. 205kg (tare)
Power not accasible at the moment, the bike must be on the testbank
Costs A little secret