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KZ1000S1 Replica


Rebuild 2015 - 2017




Make:                                  Kawasaki

Type:                                   Z1000J

Year of manufacture:          1982

Rebuild:                              2015-2017

Kilometre Reading:             0 KM



The original has been used as a template for the (road-) replica.

Whilst searching for a real classic, I found the KZ2000S1.

Back in the years when I was 18, I really admired Eddie Lawson!

The Z1000R1 has always been my big dream, however the icing on the cake would have been the racing style....KZ1000S1 Front

In 2015 to 2017 I built a replica of the KZ1000S1 with MOT approval. Additionally some things were modified on Z1000J basis. Due to the high cost for an original „S1-suspension“ I used a Kawasaki ZRX suspension.

PVM-wheel rims were used and break-disc adaptors were produced in accordance to my own design. In front at the Z1000R-steering fork, original Z1000J break-callipers were fitted.

As the Z1000J has a 270 mm and the GPZ1100UT a 270,5 mm disc at the rear, the GPZ1000UT break-callipers were fitted.

The steering-fork has been reconditioned and equipped with with progressive Gabelfedern „fork suspension“ and SAE10 Oil was used. A new LSL superbike-handlebar completes the look.

KZ1000S1 MotorThe engine: A 1100 cylinder has been installed with a Scheuerlein piston (1. Oversize).

The cylinder-head has been reconditioned, new valves and cylinder-barrels / bushes were fitted. Threads were checked and – where necessary – repaired. Furthermore a twin ignition was used for the cylinder-head. The essential fuel/air-composition will be conditioned in a Keihin CR33 with advanced K&N filter.

Wherever possible and depending on availability, all parts were replaced  by new and original Kawasaki parts.